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Hey! Thank you for visiting! Miami Valley Hoop Vault is the premier source of high school basketball in Dayton, Ohio. With a staff of four high school students and two experienced adults, MVHV brings the Dayton area coverage over 4 divisions, 9 conferences, 80+ teams, and the thousands of prospects within them. With MVHV you can expect video highlights, player & coach interviews, extensive articles on the latest news, up to date statistics, power rankings, and so much more! Our goal at MVHV is to continue to grow in influence over the Dayton area, while continuing to help the area’s prospects gain exposure. Here, the players come first! With that in mind, we want to find a way to gain off of our hard work and time invested into our brand financially without forcing the players to pay for our material. This Patreon is a way for players, coaches, and fans to voluntarily donate to our brand and staff to help fund our purpose! All donations are highly appreciated by each of our staff members. Click HERE to visit our Patreon and make a donation!