Month: December 2021

Week 5 Power Rankings Breakdown

Dayton, Ohio — Centerville and Fairmont both looked dominant this week as the Elks had two massive blowout wins while Fairmont knocked off Alter in a battle. Shawnee and Botkins went down to the wire as the Trojans show they have what it takes to be an elite team again this year.

This article will break down the Preseason Power Rankings that were released yesterday across our social media platforms. These rankings will be released on a weekly basis throughout the season.


1)Centerville | 4-0 (3-0, GWOC) |

RESULTS FROM LAST WEEK: W, 66-25 at(FRI), W, 74-56 vs(SUN)


TOP PERFORMANCES: Rich Rolf: 19 points, 6 rebounds (TUE)