Midwest Basketball Club Surging In Success!

Dayton, Ohio–NBA general managers and owners around the league weren’t the only ones hitting big recently due to obtaining new talent for their organizations. One of Ohio’s most eminent AAU programs, Midwest Basketball Club, hit the jackpot with commitments from three of the nation’s top prospects.

With the regular season approaching for the Winter, the buzz around travel ball had died down. But, that buzz saw a resurgence on November 12th. The club announced the following via their twitter,

“We are excited to announce that our program will be representing Ohio on the Adidas 3SSB Circuit. Excited to use this platform for the betterment of our MBC Student Athletes.”

The Adidas 3SSB circuit features an ensemble of some of the nation’s most prestigious programs and top-notch teams.

The news didn’t stop there, releasing huge announcements the next two consecutive days. The following day, MBC released the first prospect who’d be competing for their 17U Adidas 3SSB squad, none other than Centerville’s Gabe Cupps. An astounding pick-up that astonished me and my colleagues at first glimpse.

But, the excitement wouldn’t stop there. The next day, two more huge commitments were made public. Not only would MBC return Centerville’s Rich Rolf for their program, but would make one of the biggest additions in the club’s history.

London, Kentucky’s Reed Sheppard would rock the blue, black, and white for the Summer of 2021. Sheppard is a name that many Dayton locals have yet to learn, but it’s certain the arguably #1 player in Kentucky’s 2023 class will fit right in alongside this group of Ohioans. 

’23 Reed Sheppard shows out with The Leftovers AAU team, alongside Cupps and Rolf. (Source: Absolute Basketball Experience with Jamie Shaw)

The three have already built chemistry together, competing during last Summer’s AAU season for The Leftovers. The unit also consisted of Dayton’s Jacob Conner, Tom House, and Tristan Klumb, along with a batch of other top prospects from states aside from Ohio. They dominated and proved to be one of the toughest teams to beat, winning the Big Shots 16U Orange Title.

Take a minute to “Meet The Leftovers” . . . (Source: Big Shots Nation)

Not only are they building up their program for a big 2021 season, the Midwest Basketball Club is already coming off a successful year, reporting four NLI signees from their 17U team on November 11th.

Not only do they have a ton of talent on the court, but also an honorable array of leaders behind the scenes. Last season’s 16U coaching staff who’s expected to move up for 17U, consisted of Moeller’s Demarco Johnson and Lakota Easts’s Clint Adkins, among others. With the addition of an Adidas 3SSB team at the 17U level, it’s been rumored there will be some huge new additions to the club’s staff.

Through their 17U teams, MBC’s prospects will compete at some of the highest levels. . . especially their Adidas 3SSB team! MBC will go head to head in a league full of top tier talented teams. Here’s a few of the teams, and their top prospects:

Joe Johnson’s Arkansas Hawks & Arkansas Commit Joseph Pinion

(Source: CP3 Camp Mixtapes)

Compton Magic & Mikey Williams

(Source: qwik11hoops)

D1 Minnesota & #2 State Ranked Eli King

(Source: Fresh Coast Hoops)

Dream Vision & Baby Embiid Jeremiah Nyarko

(Source: BallerVisions)

Grassroots Canada & Elijah Fisher

(Source: OverTime NXT)

Wildcats Select & #1 State Ranked Isaac McKneely

(Source: Big Shots Nation)

Team Harden & Phenom Bryce Griggs

(Source: TexasHoops Television)

And the talent doesn’t stop there!

Who else could possibly be paired with the big three of Cupps, Rolf, and Sheppard? Who will be coaching this talented group? More announcements are expected to come in the near future, and we will be in close coverage with the Midwest Basketball Club program!

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