Two New Rule Changes To Ohio Basketball

Columbus, Ohio — The Ohio High School Athletic Association have been busy with rule changes for high school sports around the state recently. Out of the changes, two will have a direct effect on high school basketball in the area. Both will immediately be going into effect in the upcoming season.

The first rule dealt with an increase in playing time availability. An announcement from WOSN Sports stated, “The amount of quarters an athlete can play in a season (between FR/JV/V) moves from 110 to 120, while the number of quarters that can be played in a day moves from 5 to 6.”

The second rule dealt with suspensions spurring from fighting. The OHSAA increased suspensions for fighting ejections from a minimum of two games, to now four games.

The rule is the effect of the OHSAA noticing a spike in violent altercations and behavior in athletic events.

“Primarily, we’ve seen an uptick in aggressive behaviors/fighting in sporting events, and quite frankly, we cannot tolerate it, and we won’t tolerate it,” OHSAA executive director Jerry Snodgrass explained on a podcast.

OHSAA senior director Beau Rugg supported the claim by stating, “Almost 80 percent of all ejections are for fighting.”

Snodgrass is ready for the backlash after the first four game suspension is issued, but will stick behind the ruling, ““I know there will be varying opinions the first time someone is ejected for four games as a result of that. … I do subscribe to the idea that this will help reduce the number of fights that take place.”

Coaches will receive an equivalent four game suspension for fighting ejections as well.

In an Instagram poll taken by MVHV, 90% of players were in favor of an increase in playing time availability. On the other hand, 75% of players were against increasing suspensions for fighting.

If you’re interested in voicing your opinion to the OHSAA and executive director Jerry Snodgrass, their contact information is posted below.

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