Another comeback win for CJ

Chaminade Julienne junior forward Dan Nauseef
Thurgood Marshall sophomore guard Mekhi Elmore
Thurgood Marshall junior Anthony McComb III
Chaminade Julienne junior guard A.J. Soloman

Dayton, OH — Chaminade Julienne traveled south to Thurgood Marshall as they were faced with another tough opponent early in the season. Thurgood just beat Worthington Christian on Saturday and CJ was still hot coming off of a big win at Beavercreek. The Eagles were slow out of the gate as Thurgood Marshall jumped out to an early 7-0 lead and didn’t look back. They led 42-31 at halftime as Mekhi Elmore, Anthony McComb, and Prophet Johnson all had big first halves for Thurgood. Brandon Gibson and A.J. Solomon both played slowly to start. In the second half, CJ started to feed the post and Dan Nauseef was dominant. The big man destroyed Thurgood in the second half as he continued to score, time after time again. But with 2:20 left to play in the game and CJ down by 8 the game still felt out of hand. Then, CJ fouled Thurgood on a three-point attempt and the game felt over at that point. Thurgood went 2/3 on the line and then CJ went inside for Nauseef and backed down Prophet Johnson and scored to make it a 71-66 game. Than CJ came out of the timeout pressuring Thurgood and they turned the ball over by traveling. Than A.J. Solomon overthrew Nauseef in the paint and they called a controversial foul on Anthony McComb III that would change the game. CJ was in the double bonus and Nauseef would knock down one of the two free throws making it a 71-67 game with 51 seconds left. The second free throw was no good and CJ was called for an over-the-back foul and Thurgood was now put on the line to shoot two. Prophet Johnson went 1/2. CJ threw-up a three-point shot and missed but Nauseef was thrown to clean it up and tip it back in. This made it 72-69 with 32 seconds remaining. CJ was forced to foul and McComb went 1/2 from the line. Brandon Gibson drove down the floor and missed a layup but tipped in his own shot to make it a 73-71 game. Then Mekhi Elmore lost his handle while dribbling up the court, Kylan Tucker picked it up threw it over to Gibson who somehow made an off-balance shot to tie the game at 73 apiece. Then with 4.3 seconds, Mekhi Elmore drove down the floor and missed a fadeaway jumper to win the game. CJ somehow came back and we were heading to overtime. A.J. Solomon shot was off the mark to start the extra period and Nauseef grabbed it and was fouled as he made the layup. He went to the line and gave the Eagles a three-point lead. Thurgood had a chance to tie at the end of overtime as Elmore had another open shot but missed and CJ survived and upset #2 Thurgood Marshall 86-83 in overtime.

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